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2015-2016 Questionnaire

Take the latest questionnaire using the 'Take Part' link below. You will need to know your 3 digit LEA and 4 digit School Code (if you are in Scotland you may use your SEED code split in two). It is vital that every pupil within a class use the same correct codes or else it will not be possible to return their record. You can get your school codes online from EDUBASE at the Department of Education.


Data Protection

In the past school or class returns were only sent upon request to registered teachers but now it is possible for anyone to request results providing they know the correct LEA and School codes. None of the questionnaires have ever asked for personal or private information while any identifying school information has always been removed. However, some questions do provide an opportunity for a pupil to enter free text, it is vital no identifying information is added to these. By allowing your class to take the questionnaire you assume the risk of use. The resource is no longer supervised and we accept no responsibility for your pupils' online safety.

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